Being a local partner in Turkish foundry business and our strong network gives us comfort to be one stop for our European customers of their various needs.

We give utmost importance to protecting the privacy of our customers. Confidential information within the framework of “confidentiality agreements” are protected.

We are dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction. We act on our customers behalf during supply period as a local business partner, act and react in–time during production and shipment till the day of delivery to warehouse.

We provide periodical reports upon customers’ requests, monitor closely their parts at the foundries from the day of purchase order till the day of delivery to their warehouse.

Our strong network of internationally recognised and approved partners allows us to provide satisfactory and reliable service at the base of trust.

We offer competitive price without compromising the quality.

We also introduce third-party inspection boards upon customer requests of LLOYDS, PDIL, SGS, RAQW, MECON, TPL, QUEST, MORGAN, BUREAU VERITAS etc.

We carry all relevant documents to provide worldwide operations for our customers and provide online tracking of all the shipments until the day of delivery to their warehouse.

We act as your local procurement partner